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Brief von P. Gabriel Sept. 2021



Liebe Freunde der Sr.Damiana Primary School in Kikumini ,


ein Situationsbericht von Fr.Pius Kyule aus Kenya ! Danke für alles Interesse und für jede Hilfe !


Lieben Gruß

Karl Rühringer


Von: Pius Kyule <> 
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 15. September 2021 13:53
An: Rühringer Karl <>
Betreff: Latest news from Kikumini Parish


Greetings and best wishes  from Kikumini and Sr. Damiana Community. I am very sorry that it has been very long since I wrote and email to you my very dear Charly!! Every time I plan to sit down and write to you, then some happens and end up not writing however, a I want to assure you that I think about you and I talk about you to my people all the time.  You mean alot to us and we cherish your 💘 always. 


It is my hope that you have been keeping safe and that all is well with you and your loved ones . With us here in the Parish as a whole and in Sr. Damiana Memorial School community are well and trying our very best to keep ourselves safe from this Epidemic which has affected us in a very  big and serious way! Many people have died and many others have lost their jobs. Infact,  the money I received from the Cathedral Chapter arrived at a time when we needed it very much. Many of the parents who pay some money for their children could not do so for they lost their jobs. I also paid School fees for some joining High schools. Buying food for the school was  also very necessary. By the way,  your student  George Maithya missed 4 points in order to be admitted to university and I advised him to repeat the same class and he agreed.  He is doing better.  You remember his father died a few days before the final examinations started. 

Finally, I want to tell you that our school  is still doing very well in the examinations and pupils behaving very well both in school and at home. The other thing I would like to tell you is that the last two years, this area did not get enough rain and with the arrival of the Covid 19, the government is not giving food to the most desperate people and as such they keep on coming to me  for food. In case you get individuals or a group of well wishers, I would be very grateful. 


Pass my regards and best wishes to your relatives and friends.


United in God's love,




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